Lie tou (1982) IMDB 3.70(58) Full Movie Download

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original title: Lie tou
rating: 3.70(58)
Hong Kong
Director: Lau Sinhon. in roles: Rozamund Kwan, Philip Chan, Liang Chen, flora Chung, Chow Yun-Fat, …
running time: , 98 min.
release date: 1982


The main hero of this film is a hired assassin, a war veteran, who can never forget the horrors of the. It works on criminalized the employer, ‘removing’ for him dangerous to him, but decides to help the charming reportershe, decided to bring this businessman to clean water. Inappropriately appear and ‘the ghosts of the past’ – the former commander of the our hero, which he at one time threw on the battlefield to die. Now crippled soldier thirsts for revenge…

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